• Login to your store's admin panel.  
  • Click on > then select Sales Tax Wizard.     


  • Select whether your VAT is inclusive or exclusive.
  • Choose the Countries you need to collect tax for.   
  • Note: If you see a list of Canadian Provinces -OR- US States, submit a ticket to tech support so they can change your tax country to use your country (and specify which country you live in).
    • Account > My Tickets  > Create New Ticket.  
  • Input VAT registration number.  
  • Continue filling out the settings  
  • Review your entries and once you are satisfied, click Save and Continue.  

Configure which Products are Taxable or Not Taxable    

Log in to your CoreCommerce Admin Panel.  

  • If you wish to mark all products as taxable, go back to  > Sales Tax Wizard and click the "Make All Products Taxable" link near the bottom of the page. You can also use the product import /export tool to batch update your products if you need to make a lot of different changes to your products.   

If you wish to mark specific products as taxable or not taxable:

  • Click on Inventory (left-hand menu).  
  • Click on Manage Products.  
  • Choose a product on your list of products and click the Edit / Gear Icon itself.  




  • Make sure you are on the General Info tab.  
  • Under the Basic Info header, ensure that this product is "Taxable (On or Off)."  


  • Make sure you click Save.