The CoreCommerce Tech Support team strives to be easily accessible - wherever and whenever. There are numerous ways of contacting support when you have a question or an issue with your online store.

  • Phone Support: Available 7am - Midnight, Monday through Friday (CST) and 8am - 5 pm on Saturday (CST); Call 1(800)747-4270
  • Live Chat: Available any time on the CoreCommerce website,
  • Email: You may email questions directly to support any time, at
  • Submit a Ticket: Submit a ticket through the CoreCommerce admin panel, by logging in, hovering over your Username, clicking on My Tickets, and selecting, "Create a Ticket."


Note: If you have an emergency, please include "URGENT" in the subject line of your email or ticket. This will help our tech support team flag your issue and address it immediately.

  • Q&A Community Forum: If you have general questions that might be helpful for others as well, feel free to post them on the Q&A Forum in the CoreCommerce Support Forum.

Helpful Hints for Submitting Support Tickets:

  • Include a specific description of what the the problem is. Example "having problems" is vague and will require additional follow up to determine the exact nature of the problem. "Having problems uploading pictures to products" is much more specific, and allows support to more quickly address your problem.
  • If your issue is with an order or orders please include the order number(s) in the ticket.
  • If your issue is with a specific picture/file/document please attach it to the ticket.
  • If your issue is with any product or category please state it in the ticket and/or include link to the product or category.
  • Please include any steps to recreate the issue. (Tech support must be able to reproduce the issue in order to properly address it.)
  • If an issue has been reported to you (the store owner/admin) from your end clients (customers) please get all the possible information you can (what web browser,what type of operating system, what steps they took when the issue occured). This will expedite the process.
  • If the issue is involving any type of website or service that requires credentials to login/configure, it is very likely tech support will need those credentials. Please proactively include them in the ticket. Examples include third party platforms like Facebook, Google Analytics, PayPal, etc.
  • If the issue involves credit cards and needs test orders please include the credentials to your payment gateway so we can refund any funds we charge to our company credit card in testing.
  • In addition to all of the above, screenshots always help. For example, screenshots of error messages, design quirks, etc. allow tech support to identify and resolve issues more quickly.