The CoreCommerce Tech Support team strives to be easily accessible - wherever and whenever. There are numerous ways of contacting support when you have a question or an issue with your online store.

Types of Contact

  • Phone Support: Available 7am - 7pm, Monday through Friday (CST); Call 1-615-550-5523
  • Live Chat: Available any time on the CoreCommerce website,
  • Email: You may email questions directly to support any time, at
  • Submit a Ticket: Submit a ticket through the CoreCommerce admin panel, by logging in, hovering over your Username, clicking on My Tickets, and selecting, "Create a Ticket"


note: If you have an emergency, please include "URGENT" in the subject line of your email or ticket. This will help our tech support team flag your issue and address it immediately.

  • Q&A Community Forum: If you have general questions that might be helpful for others as well, feel free to post them on the Q&A Forum in the CoreCommerce Support Forum.

Helpful Hints for Submitting Support Tickets

  • Include a specific description of what the the problem is. Example:
    •  "having problems" is vague and will require additional follow up to determine the exact nature of the problem. 
    • "Having problems uploading pictures to products" (include the product URL) is much more specific, and allows support to more quickly address your problem.
  • If your issue is with an order(s) please include the order number(s) in the ticket.
  • If your issue is with a specific picture/file/document please attach it to the ticket.
  • If your issue is with any product or category please state it in the ticket and/or include link to the product or category from the front-end and admin area.
    • Please include any steps to recreate the issue. (Tech support must be able to reproduce the issue in order to properly address it.)
  • If an issue has been reported to you (the store owner/admin) from your end clients (customers) please get all the possible information you can as this will expedite the process.
    • web browser (ie. Chrome 76.0.3809.100, Firefox v.58.0.2, etc..)
    • what type of operating system (ie. Mac OS High Sierra, Windows 10 Pro, etc...)
    • Specific steps to replicate the issue up to when it occurred.
  • If the issue is involving any type of website or service that requires credentials to login/configure, it is very likely tech support will need those credentials. Please proactively include them in the ticket. Examples:
    • Facebook, 
    • Google Analytics, 
    • PayPal, etc.
  • If the issue involves credit cards and needs test orders you will need to reference via a ticket that any funds we charge to our company credit card in testing WILL BE refunded.
  • In addition to all of the above, screenshots/video always help. For example, screenshots of error messages, design quirks, custom coding recently added etc. allow tech support to identify and resolve issues more quickly.