If you aren't quite ready to cancel your CoreCommerce account, but would like to deactivate it for a time, you have the option to put the store on hold. When you put your store on hold, we retain your database and files on our server for $19.99 / month. Your store is not active during this time, but the data and information is retained, so that it can be easily re-activated at any time. 

This is popular for customers who have seasonal or holiday stores and don't actively sell products during the off-season, but don't want to cancel their stores and rebuild them when the holiday or busy season comes around again. 

Put your Store on Suspend or Hold Status

  • Go to Account→ My Tickets 
  • In the subject, enter "Suspend My Account." 
  • In the description/question field, enter the name of your Store or domain.
  • Click Submit. 

Your store will then be put on hold for $19.99/mo. Email to support@corecommerce.com when you are ready for us to re-activate your store.