You can post your products directly on your Facebook page account with Social Commerce, the CoreCommerce Facebook application. Please note: Your Facebook page MUST be tied to a personal profile (i.e. a standard Facebook account). Facebook does not allow business profiles to add applications and therefore you will not be able to add Social Commerce to your page if it's tied to a business profile.

To get started you will need to do the following:

  • Sign into the CoreCommerce Admin area of your store.
  • Once signed in, go to  Settings and then to Plug-In Apps.
  • Click on the 'Facebook' tab.  Once the page has updated, click on the 'On' radio button to turn on the Social Commerce option.  Make note of the Callback URL.  Click on Save to save the settings.
  • Go to Facebook.  Sign into Facebook if you are not already signed in.
  • You can add the Social Commerce app to any page, but it's best to create a page specifically for your store.  You can find steps on how to do that on Facebook.  Also if you have already added the Social Commerce app, it's best to remove it and start from scratch.
  • After you have created a page, go to this link on Facebook:
  • Once the Social Commerce page has loaded, click on the 'Add to My Page' link in the left side menu. You MUST have a personal profile in order for this to work. If you do not, this link will not appear.
  • A list of your pages will appear in a box in the middle of the page.  You should see the page for your store in that list.
  • Click on the 'Add to My Page' button for the page you want to use the app with.
  • A new page will load with a box for the Callback URL.  Put the URL from the Admin area of your store into that box and then click on Okay
  • Now, you will need to go to your page. There is a Down Arrow icon in the upper right. Click here then choose the page you are adding SocialCommerce to.
  • Verify that app was automatically added.
  • The app will now pull in any items you have marked to be shared on Facebook. To send products over to Facebook, edit each product, go to Advanced > Social Networks and make sure the Facebook Integration is set to ON. You can also update this by doing a product import. NOTE: Facebook only allows approximately 90 products to be sent over, or less if you have variants. Sending more than this may result in an error and no products showing up at all.
  • If you want to change what the tab says, you can do that by going back into the App section for your page and clicking on the 'Edit Settings' link
  • After you have done this, when you click on the tab for the Social Commerce app in your page, items from your store will show up there!
  • If it's still not working, send a ticket to Support with a link to the page and we'll check it out for you!