If you've got a product that falls into Google's Apparel & Accessories category, you are required to set up certain variant attributes, such as color, size, material, or pattern. You can read more about the requirements on Google.

Here is a list of the required Apparel Attributes for US Merchants: 

  • Color - Required for all items under ‘Apparel & Accessories’
  • Size - Required for all items that belong to a subcategory of ‘Apparel & Accessories > Clothing’, or ‘Apparel & Accessories > Shoes’
  • Pattern - Required only when an ‘Apparel & Accessories’ item varies in pattern
  • Material - Required only when an ‘Apparel & Accessories’ item varies in material
  • Age Group - Required for all items under ‘Apparel & Accessories’
  • Gender - Required for all apparel items under ‘Apparel & Accessories’
  • Brand - Required for all apparel items under ‘Apparel & Accessories’
  • Item Group_Id - Required for all items that have variant attributes

The attributes will be set up within each product in your admin. When you edit a product, you will need to go to the Advanced section and then click on Google Products in the leftside navigation. If the Category you've selected is Apparel & Accessories, then this is the section where you will choose the attributes. However, in order for the attributes to show, you must first set up variants (personalizations or options) for your product. Please see the articles below on how to create variants:

Note about personalizations: Only those that are set up with a Drop Down or Radio Button input type will be choices for the Google attributes. Other input types, such as Text Fields or Charts, will not work. They must also be enabled.

Once you've created your variants, you'll now be able to choose your Apparel attributes. After you match up Color, Size, Material, and/or Pattern with your variants, click the Setup Apparel Variant Attributes button so you can choose which combinations to send over to Google.

You do not need to set up variants for Gender and Age Group. After you've created and enabled variants for Color, Size, Material, and/or Pattern, these two attributes will automatically display.

For the Apparel & Accessories category, you will also need to input a Brand under the General Info section of the product. For any products with variants attributes, the Item Group_ID is also required; this will be pulled from the product SKU.

Here is how the export will look (minus some columns which have been removed). You can see that each variant attribute that was checked above has its own row, so depending on how many variants you have for a product, that product could have several rows in the feed.

To export your feed, go to Marketing > Product Feeds and click the Export button next to Google Product Search.