CoreCommerce Services Pricing

effective October 1, 2017 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we introducing new pricing?

We are focused on a model for shared success. What does this mean? A client can start off with a lower priced plan and as their business grows, more application functionality is required, support, more resources.

We offer the full suite of features to all our clients. Unlike some competition, we don’t restrict the lower priced plans from having certain features. We want our clients to have all the functionality required to grow their business. We also offer all our client custom programming services, regardless of the plan you subscribe to. Some plans have an allocation of programming at no additional cost.

CoreCommerce has continued to introduce added value by introducing a mobile responsive administrative system, new gateway integrations, added payment options like Amazon Pay, upgraded the UPS integration to give your business more options to sell and deliver products.

As your business grows, the fixed price we charge actually goes down as a % of your sales. On the entry level plan, our monthly fee represents about two percent (2%) of monthly revenue for a client. Once a client has reached our Enterprise plan, the cost is less than half of one percent (<0.40%). This is a small price to pay for a platform that can run your online business - compare that to what you might pay for a brick and mortar store rent and a POS system.  

We have not made any pricing changes in over 3 years and there are some clients that have been grandfathered into various plans over the past decade. We need to standardize our plans and treat clients with equitable services for the price paid.

What has changed in your plans?
● Product limits have been eliminated from the Advanced and Professional plans ($79 and $160, respectively), supporting the philosophy of allowing our clients to “sell more”
● Introduction of
a entry level, low sales volume basic plan at $19.00 per month for startups and companies with less than 3 products and less than $24,000 in annual sales.
● We reduced the price of our Advanced plan from $90 to $79, so the step up from the $45 plan is less than double the monthly cost for the upgrade.
● Enterprises pricing for clients with over $1.6m in annualized sales includes:
     ○ semi-dedicated server (app & database server) for a small number of clients, guaranteeing
faster               performance to support your large customer base and order volume.                                    
     ○ We also include 90 minutes of custom programming per month
     ○ No charge for SSL certificate installation.                          
● No transaction fees are charged for using a 3rd party gateway or processor, but we have incentives to use our processing services.
● All customers get priority support, not just a select few and support is at no additional cost.


When does this take effect?

If you are a customer that pays monthly, the pricing takes effect for your October billing. If you have already prepaid for services on an annual basis, we will honor the pricing and when your prepay plan expires, the new pricing takes effect.

What discounts are available if I have more than one store?

One store is at the retail price, all additional stores are priced at 10% off the standard plan price. If you have stores on different pricing plans, the highest price plan (store) is at the standard price.

I have a not-for-profit (NFP) business or a school PTA website, what discounts are available?

With proof of your NFP status (i.e., 501 c(3) certificate), our base plan is $19 per month and discounts only apply to the higher priced plans. Below are the discounts and net price per month. Because of the heavy discounts made available to charitable organizations, no other discounts apply (neither annual prepay plans nor multi-store discounts).


Are there incentives to prepay for the plan annually versus having my card billed monthly?

Yes, we offer 10% savings for prepaying for the plan for 12 months. Contact support@corecommerce if this is how you prefer to pay.

For the new gross merchandise sales (GMS) tiers, how are they calculated?

A new feature we have that effects the plan subscription is related to your gross sales, defined as  total sales captured and does not include voids, or authorization only. The sales number does include shipping and taxes.

If you have been a client for twelve months, we use your trailing 12-month gms as the basis for the plan.  Tiers for new clients in their first year are determined by taking your highest sales month in the previous 11 months and annualizing it. (highest previous month X 12). The trailing 12 month total is updated each calendar month. All orders count toward the total, regardless of order status (pending, shipped, etc.).

If you are a non-U.S. based client, all sales amounts will be converted to USD.

Where can I see my trailing twelve month sales/orders?

The  Admin panel “Billing” and then “Gross Sales Volume.”

If my trailing twelve months sales volumes changes (up or down) am I automatically upgraded or downgraded to a lower plan?

Yes, if all other pricing factors remain the same, and your plan tier changes based on gross sales, our system will upgrade or downgrade your plan for the following month. If you have prepaid for 12 months, our support team will contact you about arrangements to pay the shortfall or get a refund for an overage.

What if I want to put my store in a “hibernation” or on-hold status, for example if I only sell products seasonally?

Stores in hibernation are $19.00 per month and while in this status, no orders can be processed nor access provided to the online store. A one time fee of $25 to reinstate that store to an active selling status can be accomplished by contacting

If I establish a new trial account, can I choose any plan I want?

Yes, choose the plan that you believe fits your needs based on the services we offer and your anticipated sales. If your sales are below your estimate, our system will move your plan to a less costly one. Conversely, if your gross sales exceed expectations, or you add more than 300 products to your store (assuming you are on the Pioneer plan), your next billing month will automatically move you to the appropriate plan.

Can I see a summary of key features and pricing changes by plan?

These are the plans and some, but not all the changes. For the full list of Please see our pricing plans online at Clients save 10% on plans by paying annually.

* Unlimited bandwidth and storage plans have a reasonableness test so that the privilege is not abused by any clients. CoreCommerce reserves the right to notify and charge clients for excessive use, defined as monthly: exceeding 800GB of bandwidth or storage of 100 GB per month for all plans. Excessive usage fees are charged monthly at $0.36/GB of excess bandwidth over 800gb, and $1.20 /GB over 100GB of hard drive storage.

Client referrals - can I get a “finder’s fee” for referring clients to CoreCommerce?

Yes indeed. Refer someone to us and you will get paid an amount equal to 1.5X the first month’s SaaS plan that we bill and receive from that new client. With our new plans, this could be from $28.50 to $900 for sending an email to with the prospect’s contact information.