Why do would you want to change your TTL (Time To Live) value?

Normally a registrar will have a 24-hour TTL by default. This means it will take up to 24 hours for the changes on your site to propagate. Reducing the TTL to 5 minutes for example will tell your registrar to update this much faster. Please keep in mind, when you change your TTL to 5 minutes, this initial modification can take up to 24 hours to propagate. Any subsequent changes after this should only take 5 minutes to update accordingly.
  • If your registrar does not allow for 5 minutes an average TTL value to use would be: 3600

To update your TTL (Time To Live) value follow the steps below:
Please note these values follow directly in regards to GoDaddy but other platforms should follow a similar process.
  • Go to My Products > Manage All > DNS > Manage zones.

  • Click Edit.
  • In the TTL column, click the value you want to change. (The lower the value, the quicker any future changes can be submitted. ) 
  • Select the new value you want to use.
  • Click Save Zone File.