This feature can be enabled under Inventory Settings > Inventory Tracking. If you select "Allow negative inventory," an option called "Allow Custom Backordering with Negative Inventory" will appear. By default, this is OFF. If you turn this ON, then during the Add to Cart process, the system will check to see what the current stock is (like it normally does when the “Allow negative inventory” setting is selected). If the quantity being added is more than what's in stock, then before you add to cart, the system will say, “There are only 5 of [SKU/name] in stock, and you have added 10, do you want to back order the other 5?"

If you say no, it will only add the available amount (5 items) to the cart.

If you say yes, it will add two line items: one line with the 5 available products and another with the 5 back ordered. The back ordered line item will have "(bank ordered)" next to the product name.

When you check out, if you have back ordered items in the cart, they will NOT be included in the order subtotal, shipping, or tax calculation. The customer will only be charged for the items that are currently available.

When the order is submitted, the back ordered items will be removed from that order and added into a new "Pending" status order by themselves. The subtotal will be added and calculated into the order. The shipping will NOT be calculated in the new Pending Order, but the tax will.

You, as the admin, will then manually charge that Pending order. You will need to calculate the shipping yourself and add in that cost. This is something that will need to be done outside of the CoreCommerce system. For example, if you want to charge the customer's card and are using as your gateway, you would first need to get the customer's card information (as we do not save it for security reasons) and then use the virtual terminal within to charge the card.

**Note: If a Pending Order is changed to Approved it will not auto charge. The admin will need to charge Pending Orders manually.

Here are some more details about this feature:

  • Does not work with subscription billing
  • Works with product detail file upload
  • Does not work with bundle inventory tracking
  • Works with inventory tracking by product
  • Works with inventory tracking by variants
  • Does not work with chart type personalizations
  • Does not work with quantity with checkboxes type personalizations
  • Does not support clickable images type personalizations
  • Works with options
  • Works with personalizations
  • Does not support items added to cart through a coupon code
  • Does not support product bundling
  • Does not support setup fees
  • Does not support custom fees
  • Works with reward points
  • Works with affiliate commissions
  • The back ordered order does not support coupons
  • Works with password protected products
  • Does not support gift registries
  • Does not support multiple shipping addresses
  • Does not support custom fields
  • Does not support COD
  • Does not support handling
  • The back ordered order does not support discounts
  • Does not support POS