CoreCommerce comes standard with a built-in CMS system to allow you to add informational pages to your stores.

To create a new page:

  • Log in to the admin panel of your store.​
  • Site Content and click on Content Pages.
  • Click on the Add Web Page ( + icon).

  • Enter a title and page name (e.g. Privacy Policy) and enter any content you want to show on the page in the body editor.
  • Click Search Engine Tags and complete the information.
  • Once you are satisfied, click Publish. This makes the page LIVE on your site. Alternately, you can click Save Draft if you aren't ready for the page to be live yet.

To edit a page:

  • Log in to the admin panel of your store.
  • Site Content (left-hand menu) and click on Manage Pages.
  • Select the page you would like to edit and make the necessary changes.
  • Once you are finished, Save.

Additional pages you can create or manage include:

  • Homepage
  • Splash Page
  • Featured Products
  • New Arrivals
  • Specials
  • Top Sellers

To access and edit these pre-defined pages, go to Site Content > Manage Pages and hover over the Add Web Page ( + icon) option on the right and choose the page you would like to edit from the list.