note: If you see Value Added Tax (VAT)  or do not see Value Added Tax (VAT) but wish to use it you will need to submit a ticket to so they can change your tax country to use your country.

  • Please specify which country you live in) under Account → My Tickets → Create New Ticket

Configure US Sales Tax (State, County or Zip Level sales tax)

  • Depending on which one you choose you will fill out the tax information on how you would like to collect taxes. 

Mark ALL Products are Taxable or Not Taxable

  • Go to Settings Sales Tax WizardMake All Products Taxable
  • You can also use the product import /export to batch update your products if you need to make a lot of additional changes to your products.

Marking Specific Products as Taxable or not Taxable

  • Click on Inventory View or Manage Products → Gear Edit → General Info
  • Under the Basic Info header, ensure that this product is Taxable enabled.
  • When done, click Save.