There are a number of ways to offer free shipping on your site. You can offer free shipping for all products on your site, you can offer free shipping for specific products, and you can provide free shipping coupons. 
To offer   free shipping for all products on your site: 

  • Go to SettingsShipping SettingsEnable Free Shipping Configure    
  • You can set up shipping for two different countries.  

note: You cannot use state restrictions on the second country, so if you need to specify specific states to exclude, be sure to select your Country first (e.g. United States first if you wish to exclude other states.)

  • If you want to select multiple states to exclude, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and Click each state you want to exclude.   
  • You'll need to give your free shipping method a name. (e.g UPS Ground, Standard Shipping, Free Shipping - whatever you want.    
  • If that method is already offered (e,g. USPS Priority Mail) then be sure to input it into the Ignore This Shipping Method - otherwise, USPS Priority Mail will show up twice, once with a shipping rate and once as free.   
  • When done, click Save.   

If you want all products to be eligible for free shipping:   

  • Click the Mark All Products Eligible button. 

note: You cannot reverse this process in bulk later, so be sure you want all products to be eligible or you will have to remove these products from Free Shipping eligibility one at a time or via an import file. Also, note that new products will not be eligible by default.

  • When done, click Save.   

What if I only want specific products to be eligible?   

  • Go to Inventory→ View or Manage Products → Settings → Edit → General Info → Shipping Info Eligible for FREE Shipping
  • When done, click Save.   

How do I create a free shipping coupon?      

  • Click Marketing View Coupons

note: You must enable free shipping as described above. Do not configure it - just enable it.

  • Click on Add Coupons ( + symbol).   
  • Enter the Coupon Name → Next
  • Choose Free Shipping as the coupon type from the drop-down menu → Next
  • Choose which countries will get free shipping with this coupon

note: Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click each country to select multiple countries.

  • Continue going through the wizard to set up a spending requirement, product restrictions, etc. until you have completed the free shipping coupon.