Buy your domain here

When you sign up with CoreCommerce, you receive a free domain, a domain that looks something like this: Oftentimes, businesses want to purchase their own domain name, so that visitors can access the site using a URL that does not include CoreCommerce, such as simply To get rid of the part of the URL you are automatically assigned upon signing up with CoreCommerce, you will need to purchase your own domain name and then add it to your site.
 You can purchase a domain name quickly and easily through the CoreCommerce admin panel, or you may wish to use the domain registrar of your choice. Once you have purchased the domain, here is how to add the domain name to your CoreCommerce site:

Go to Settings  -> Domains from the upper right of the admin 

  • Click Add Domain if you have one already; new domains may be purchased by clicking the Purchase New Domain button.

  • Next you will receive further on-screen instructions. These include pointing the DNS settings for your domain to our DNS.
  • Once the DNS change has propagated..
  • Hover over the gear icon  -> Change Store URL 
  • From here you can switch your store from the temporary URL to your domain.
  • If you need further assistance on changing the DNS or need the A-Record value, please contact or by submitting a ticket in..
  • Account > My Tickets