Changing an Order Status

  • Go to Orders → View or Manage Orders.
  • Search for the order you wish to change and click on the corresponding order number.
  • The status will appear in the upper-left corner of the order.
  • Click on the dropdown and set the status you want to change it to.
  • When done, click save.

Changing an Order Status (BULK)

  • Go to Orders→ View or Manage Orders.
  • On the orders screen, click on the check-boxes for the orders you wish to update.
  • In the Select Action dropdown at the top-right, choose Bulk Status Change.
  • A new drop-down will appear. Select the updated status of the order and then click the Update button.

note: You can also update order statuses in bulk by using the Order Status Import. You can find this option by clicking on Orders Update Order Statuses.