CoreCommerce makes it easy to create gift certificates for your store and sell them on your website. This is great for birthdays, holidays, and many special occasions!

note: This is typically used along with Rewards Points. Click Here!

Enabling Gift Certificates

  • Go to Settings → Payment Settings → Continue
  • You can display which will allow you customize your gift certificates such as:
    • Set the minimum and maximum amounts for gift certificates.
    • Set the increments the customer can choose from when buying a gift certificate.
  • If you do not want the mail option to display to the customer, enable Email Only and the gift certificate will be sent via email only.
  • Set an expiration if desired.
  • When done, click the Save.

Adding Gift Certificates to your Store

  • You have a variety of options, such as inserting the link in the footer, or creating a new content page and inserting the link within a page.

Inserting a link in the footer

  • Go to Site Content  Footer Widget Settings  Promotions
  • Set Gift certificates to ON
  • The words "Gift Certificates" will now display in the footer with a link to the order form.

Inserting a link in a content page

  • Go to Site Content → Pages  click on a page Title  Body
  • Make sure that somewhere on the content page you include the following link to the gift certificate order form: 
  • Customers whom have purchased gift certificates can check the balance of their certificate at

Once gift certificates have been enabled and added as a product on your site, you can now manually create and distribute gift certificates to your customers who buy them. To create a gift certificate and send it to a customer:    

  • Go to Marketing Gift Certificates  Add New Gift Certificates → Input the Gift Certificate Number

note: This can be any combination of letters and numbers and is what the customer will input when placing an order or click Auto-generate for a random string of letters and numbers. 

  • Enter a From and To name and message, if desired (these are not required).
  • Input the gift certificate amount into the Total section.
  • If you want to set an expiration, enter the number of days you want the gift certificate to be valid.
  • Choose to send the gift certificate via email or by mail (optional).
  • If you want to send the gift certificate to the customer via email right now, check Send Email Now and when you save, the email will be sent. 
  • When done, click Save.