On your homepage, you can display products, categories, or your own content.
Here's how to choose what to display:

  • Hover over Site Content.
  • Click on Manage Homepage.
  • On the General Info tab, look under Basic Info
  • You will see the Display section: "Categories," "Top Sellers," "Featured Products," "I will Specify Which Products Manually" and "None"
  • By default, one of the options will be set to ON. Click on the OFF side of the box to turn this option OFF.
  • Then turn ON the option you would like to display.
  • If you selected "I Will Specify Which Products Manually," you will see a new section appear below called "Products."
  • ​Type in the name of the products you would like to display - and select those products.
  • When done, click on Save.
  • Finally, click on Publish at the top right.

Refresh your homepage and you will now see the changes.