Custom forms are forms that you can create to use in your store and place on your content pages.  

  • Examples of custom forms include contact us forms and feedback forms

Creating a Custom Form

  • Go to Site ContentForm Builder Add New Form
  • Input a name for the form in the Form Name box, an email address in the Email To box
  • note (if you don't put an email address in here, it will just send the email to email address set up for the store) 

note: You can either use the default message in the Confirmation Message or you can change it to something else if you would like.  

  • Click on Save and Stay here. 
  • When the page reloads, you'll see a new line that says Add a Form Question. This is where you can put in the questions you want to appear in the form.
  • Under the Question, the field is where you can put in the text for the question (First Name, Problem, etc).
  • The Answer Input Type is how you want the question to appear.  
    • The options available are Drop Down, Radio Buttons, Text Field, Checkboxes, Text Area, and Multi Select Box.
  • If the Required box is checked, the question MUST be answered or filled in before the form can be submitted.  
  • For the question to appear on your form, the Enabled box must be checked.  
  • If you have chosen one of the text options, there will be fields for how large the text field should be and how many characters are allowed.
  • When you have created the question you want, click on the Create Question link. 
  • The question will be saved and the page updated to show the new question.
  • When done, click Save.


Adding the Token/Form to a Content Page

  • After a custom form is created, the system will create a token that can be used in any content page of your store.  The token will look like this in a page when you are editing it in the admin area (under Site ContentView Pages)


  • When our system sees that in the page, it will display the custom form that is linked to that token.   
  • To use the forms, go to a page you would like to edit.  
  • Once in the edit page, you will see a box above the Body text area that says Form Placeholders and has a list of the custom forms that have been created along with the name of the form next to the token.  
  • To use a custom form, just type the token ##CUSTOM_FORM_1## in the text area of the body and then save it.  
  • The next time someone views the page, the form will show up where the token was placed.