Custom forms are forms that you can create to use in your store and place on your content pages.  

Examples of custom forms include contact us forms and feedback forms

Creating a Custom Form

  • Go to Site ContentForm Builder Add New Form
  • Input a name for the form in the Form Name box, an email address in the Email To box
  • note (if you don't put an email address in here, it will just send the email to email address set up for the store) 

note: You can either use the default message in the Confirmation Message or you can change it to something else if you would like.  

  • Click on Save and Stay here. 
  • When the page reloads, you'll see a new line that says Add a Form Question. This is where you can put in the questions you want to appear in the form.
  • Under the Question, the field is where you can put in the text for the question (First Name, Problem, etc).
  • The Answer Input Type is how you want the question to appear.  The options available are Drop Down, Radio Buttons, Text Field, Checkboxes, Text Area, and Multi Select Box.
  • If the Required box is checked, the question must be answered or filled in before the form can be submitted.  For the question to appear on your form, the Enabled box must be checked.  If you have chosen one of the text options, there will be fields for how large the text field should be and how many characters are allowed.
  • When you have created the question you want, click on the Create Question link. The question will be saved and the page updated to show the new question.
  • Once you are done, click the Save button to save the form


Adding the Form to a Content Page

  • After a custom form is created, the system will create a token that can be used in any content page of your store.  The token will look like this in a page when you are editing it in the admin area (under Site ContentView Pages)


  • When our system sees that in the page, it will display the custom form that is linked to that token.   To use the forms, go to a page you would like to edit.  Once in the edit page, you will see a box above the Body text area that says Form Placeholders and has a list of the custom forms that have been created along with the name of the form next to the token.  To use a custom form, just type the token in the text area of the body and then save it.  The next time someone views the page, the form will show up where the token was placed.