CoreCommerce allows you to customize shipping methods by setting up shipping zones, which may include countries, states, and/or zip codes. 
The default zone is "All Undefined Zones." This includes every country and state that you have enabled under → Shipping Settings   Configure Countries & States.
To set up shipping zones:
  • First, log into the admin panel of your online store.
  • Click on the gear icon in the right-hand corner.
  • Click on Shipping Settings.
  • Then, click on 'Setup Shipping Zones."
You can configure your shipping zones a variety of ways.
  • None - This sets shipping to $0.00
  • Order Subtotal
  • Percentage of Order Subtotal
  • Order Weight
  • Order Quantity
  • By Product
  • Percentage/Sub-Total Combination
  • Vendor Flat Rate - Only displays if you've got vendors turned on and "Allow each vendor to have their own flat rate shipping based on the shipping zone" enabled
  • Real-Time Shipping Carriers (such as FedEx, UPS, etc.)


For all of these but "None," "Vendor Flat Rate," and "Real-Time Shipping Carriers," you can enter up to four shipping methods. You can name these however you like—they are simply what displays on the storefront to your customers. 
For "Order Subtotal," "Percentage of Order Subtotal," and "Order Weight," you must set up ranges. Here's an example for "Order Subtotal":
Method 1
Method 2
Method 3
Method 4
Rate 1
Rate 2
Rate 3
Rate 4
You can see that two methods are being used, Standard and Express. If the order subtotal is over $50, then the shipping is free if Standard is selected.
If you want to set up a flat rate regardless of order subtotal, weight, etc., then set the Low as $0.00, the High as $99999.99, and Rate 1 to whatever price you want.
If you want to set up your shipping By Product, you will need to enter your methods and then go to each individual product to set the available methods for that product. You can set this in the Shipping Info section within the edit product screen. 
You will also notice more options on this screen. You can configure your shipping zones based on these characteristics as well:
  • Max Box Weight - Only works with Real-Time Shipping Carriers
  • Max Box Weight - Set the max box weight in pounds
  • For Real-Time Shipping assume each item is in its own box
  • None
  • Pickup - Enable pickup and include a fee
  • Handling - Add handling to the shipping, as either a flat rate or percentage