CoreCommerce allows you to customize shipping methods by setting up shipping zones, which may include countries, states, and/or zip codes. 
The default zone is "All Undefined Zones." This includes every country and state that you have enabled under → Shipping Settings   Configure Countries & States.
To set up shipping zones:
  • First, log into the admin panel of your online store.
  • Click on the gear icon in the right-hand corner.
  • Click on Shipping Settings.
  • Then, click on 'Configure Real Time Carriers."


On the left Navigation you can choose to use Real Time carriers, such as UPS,Fedex,USPS,etc if you would like to pull rates directly from those services, or you can create your own custom shipping rates

There are a 
  • None - This sets shipping to $0.00
  • Order Subtotal
  • Percentage of Order Subtotal
  • Order Weight
  • Order Quantity
  • By Product
  • Percentage/Sub-Total Combination
  • Vendor Flat Rate - Only displays if you've got vendors turned on and "Allow each vendor to have their own flat rate shipping based on the shipping zone" enabled

To begin creating you own shipping rates, click on shipping groups, on the left navigation

Client the 'Add New Group' button

You can give the new shipping group a name if desired (the default will be (group 2 , group 3, etc..)

Once you have updated the group name, click on the blue 'Add location button, as seen above.  From here you will be able to create the new zone based on certain locations, either by 'Country', 'State/Provinces' , or by 'Zip/Postal Code'.

note:  if you do not see the country apprar in this menu, it may already be listed in our default zone (unspecified zone) If you see it listed in the default zone, you can click and drag it into the new shipping zone.

Once you have added the new zone, you can click Save & Exit, or Save and continue to complete the set up.