Enable Quote System

  • Go to Settings Checkout Settings → Enable Quote System
    • Customers on the view cart page will see a button to submit a quote.  
    • This will send you an email notifying you that a customer has requested a quote.

Require Customers to Inquire About Pricing on Specific Products

  • Go to InventoryView or Manage Products  Gear→ Edit General Info → Custom Fields  Call/Email For Pricing
    • If you enable The Display Price, then the product price will appear to the customer
    • The Call/Email For Pricing Front-End Display text field is the text that will display to the customer if the Call/Email For Pricing checkbox is checked. 
      • If there's no value entered here, the system will use the default value of Call/Email For Pricing
  • When done, click Save.

 Request a Lower Price for a Product

  • Go to Settings Checkout Settings
  • Allow Customer To Request a Lower Price on a Product → Configure 
  • Here you can configure what you want displayed to the customers via the WYSIWYG editor. 

note: You can also click Source to edit the HTML directly.

  • When done, click Save.