Inventory tracking allows you to keep track of inventory levels as products leave your shop or warehouse. This is useful for knowing how much inventory is left before it goes out of stock.

Enable inventory tracking

  • Go to Settings Inventory Settings → Inventory Tracking.
  • Under the Inventory Tracking Feature section, make sure that Enabled is set to Yes.
  • Here you also have a number of options to customize inventory tracking.
  • Adjust the customized options as needed for your business, then click on Save.

Enabling Inventory Tracking in a Product

  • Go to InventoryView or Manage ProductsSettingsEditGeneral Info → Inventory Tracking.
  • Select an inventory tracking option from the drop down menu. You have the option to track
    • By product
    • By option and personalization
    • By items to Create Bundle
  • When done, click Save
  • Repeat the steps mentioned above for each product you wish to track the inventory.