When customers put items into their shopping carts but leave the site without checking out, these abandoned orders are often called "abandoned carts." The CoreCommerce platform allows you to craft an email and send it automatically to registered customers who leave their orders during the checkout process.

First, review the default abandoned cart email and make changes if necessary:
  • If you'd like to edit the default email provided by the system, you can edit the "Live/Abandoned Carts Email" by clicking on Design (left-hand menu) and clicking on Edit Emails.
  • Next to "Abandoned/Live Carts Email," click on "Manage."​
  • Click on "Copy" next to "Default."
  • Give your new email a name and craft the email as you see fit. Return to the "Email Layouts - Abandoned/Live Carts Email" page.
  • Click the radio button in the "Active" column next to the name of your new abandoned cart email. This activates the email.
  • Click on Save.
To manually send an abandoned cart email to a customer who leaves before checking out:
  • Note: Because these are email notifications, an email address must be tied to the customer account for the abandoned cart email to be sent out. Generally, this means a customer must have registered on your site - although email addresses can be obtained other ways.
  • Log in to the admin panel of your online store.
  • Hover over the Orders tab and click on Live/Abandoned Carts.
  • Locate and click on the abandoned order you want to email and click on the eye icon in the "Cart Items" column.
  • Click the "Email" button in the pop-up.
  • The email address will be pre-inputted for you, but you can change it if need be.
  • After you click the Send button, the customer will receive the abandoned cart email with a link to their cart.

If you would like to configure the system to automatically send abandoned cart emails when customer leave their orders before checking out, you can do this as well:
  • Click on Orders (left-hand menu) and click on Abandoned/Live Carts.
  • In the right-hand corner, you'll see "Send automatic email in ______ days."
  • Simply input how many days you would like to elapse before automatic emails are sent out.
  • Click Save.
  • Now, customers who have an email tied to their accounts will receive an automated email if they leave an order before checking out.