Configuring your store to sell downloadable or electronic products is simple, requiring only a few steps:
  • Log in to the admin panel of your online store.
  • Click in the upper right-hand corner of the admin panel, and click on Inventory Settings.
  • After the page loads, scroll down the page until you see "Downloadable Products." Click on the button next to "Yes" to turn the feature on.
  • After you do this, it will open up two other options.  The first one, "Downloads Expire" controls how long the download links will still be valid.   This can be either by the number of clicks or the number of days.  If you put in 0 in both fields, the links never expire.  The second option is the path to the files themselves.  This is typically not changed, however you can put in a different path if you wish.
  • Click on the Save
​​Note: Once you have enabled downloadable products, you will now be able to add downloadable files. To do this:
  • Click Inventory (left-hand menu) and click on Manage Products.
  • As you move your cursor to the right over a product, a gear icon will appear. Click Edit and click on Advanced.
  • The Download Files section is where you would add the files that can be downloaded for a product.   After the customer completes his order, he will receive a receipt that will have links that can be used to download the files.
  • Note: CoreCommerce does not restrict in any way what type of file you can sell on our system.However, the CoreCommerce FTP system does restrict the ability to upload .PHP, .ASP, .EXE, .JS and other executable type file extensions.
    So if you sell images (including .jpg, .png, .gif, etc.) files, videos, audio files, you are okay. However, any type of executable file (which means it can be initiated and it runs code) will not be allowed to be uploaded via FTP.