The Deal of the Day feature allows you to highlight a specific product and offer a special price (on that pre-defined product) for a limited time.  You will set the time range for the special deal There will be a special timer counting down the days/hours/minutes/seconds, displaying the amount of time remaining before the deal ends. This works on both the "product detail" and as a sidebar "deal of the day" widget to help promote your deal of the day to your customers.

This is similar to Living Social or Groupon, where you can setup a daily deal, but there is no charge to use this feature. The main difference is that the deal is on -- there are no minimum number of customers who have to purchase for the deal to be "on".

To set up a deal of the day:

  • Log in to the admin panel of your online store.
  • Toward the top right of the screen click on and then click on Widget Settings.
  • Click on Deal of the Day.
  • "Choose the Product" - Type in the product you want to have the deal of the day on or click on browse and choose the product. You must choose a product and you can only pick 1.  
  • "Sales Effective Date" - This is the day you want to start the deal of the day offer.  
  • "Sales End Date" - This is the day you want the end the deal of the day offer.  
  • "Sale Price" - This is the deal of the day price for this product.  This will become the main product price for this product between the sales effective date and sales end date.
  • Complete the info there and click Save.

Now you will need to add the Deal of the Day widget.
  • While still logged into the CoreCommerce admin area, click on Design (left-hand menu).
  • Click on Sidebar Widgets.
  • In the middle of the page, you will see a drop down menu, "Select a Category."
  • Choose the "Product Widgets" option and then drag and drop the "Deal of the Day" widget to the left or right widgets panel.
  • Click Save.

Note: If you have customer group pricing enabled, the deal of the day price will apply to all customer groups.