The product bundling section will appear on the product detail template. Your customer will be able to purchase the whole bundle consisting of this product and any products selected below. If they buy the bundle, this product's price will be reduced by the discount percentage specified in the discount field. If a discount is not specified, the system will use the regular price for this product.

Here are some things you should know about this feature:

  • All products in the bundle must be available and in-stock or allow for negative inventory.
  • Product personalization and option level inventory tracking is not supported by this feature.
  • If any of the bundled product have Call or Email for Pricing enabled, then the product bundle will not display.
  • The minimum order quantity and default quantity features are overridden by product bundling.
    • Example: if Product A's min order quantity is set to 3, the default quantity is set to 2 and you add it to cart as part of a bundle, only 1 of it will be added to cart.

note: CoreCommerce provides two types of bundling options, Product/Discount Bundling and Inventory Bundling.

up Product or Discount Bundling

  • InventoryView or Manage ProductsSettingsEditGeneral Info  Upsell Products.
  •  This allows you to create a deal that provides a discount off the main product if additional items are purchased from the bundled list.
    • Example: Product A (main) costs $5.00. Bundle items include: Product B, Product C, Product D. Discount is 10%. If a customer purchases Products A, B, C and D, then the customer will receive a 10% discount.

Set up Inventory Bundling

  • InventoryView or Manage ProductsSettingsEditGeneral Info  Inventory
  • In the Track Inventory drop down, you need to choose By Items to Create Bundle.
  • This converts the product itself into a bundle of items.
  • The product becomes a bundle worth an allotted amount, and you can specify which items make up the bundle.
    • When this product is ordered, it is ordered at the allotted price.
    • When the system deducts inventory, it will deduct accordingly from the items and quantities specified in the bundle.