CoreCommerce provides the capability to display the quantity of items currently in stock, or display an "out of stock" message when inventory is depleted.

First, to display available stock quantities for your products:
  • Log in to the admin panel of your online store.
  • Click in the upper right corner and click on Inventory Settings.
  • Click Inventory Tracking in the left side navigation.​​​
  • If you want to display the quantity in stock on the product detail page, enable "Display Inventory on the Product Detail Page" for inventory tracking by products only
  • If you want the quantity in stock to display on product list pages, enable "Show Inventory on Product List and Search Results."
  • When done, be sure to click Save
If you would like to continue to display out of stock products on the website but add an out of stock message when inventory levels are depleted, you will need to make sure that "When inventory is depleted" is set to "Display an "out of stock" message and don't allow for negative inventory." You also have the option to simply remove the product from the website when inventory is depleted; simply enable "Remove product from front-end shopping cart."
If you would like to receive a notification when inventory levels are low, enter the email address(es) you'd like the email to be sent to in the field below "Send Low Inventory Notification Email To..."