Setting name: What should be used as the address name if both are present?

Setting location: CoreCommerce admin > Settings > Plug-In Settings > QuickBooks

Possible setting values: "Customer Name", "Customer Company", "Use Both"

When CoreCommerce adds customer and order records to QuickBooks, it passes billing address and shipping address information among many other fields. We’re limited to sending only three pieces of address information to QB. You could potentially have four applicable address fields in CoreCommerce however. The fields are customer company (i.e. "ACME Inc."), customer full name (i.e. "John Doe"), customer street address 1 (i.e. "101 Sample St.") and customer street address 2 (i.e. "Suite 1"). Since only three of the four fields can be passed to QuickBooks, a new setting has been introduced to let you choose whether you want to pass the customer name or company as the third address piece in that scenario in addition to street address 1 and 2.  Street address 1 and 2 are always sent because in some reports (i.e. Sales by Customer Detail) QB assumes that the second line of an address is the first street address field and the third line of an address is the second street address field.

If you've done your research, know what you're doing and are absolutely sure you want to pass both the customer name and company, you can use the "Use Both" option in that setting to do that. If you choose to do this, we can't be sure how QuickBooks will process the address information.

Technical notes: