The first step in configuring the CoreCommerce admin panel to print UPS labels is for your UPS account representative to enable UPS Label Printing within your UPS account. 

Once enabled the API connection between CoreCommerce and UPS will pass the required information. Continue to follow the steps below.

Once you have the Access Key, you can set up the label printing in your CoreCommerce admin panel:   

  • Go to Settings  Shipping Settings  Configure Real-Time Carriers        
  • Enable Do you use real-time shipping rates, order tracking, or label printing? → YES

  • Make sure UPS has a check mark
  • Save and Continue
  • Click Register (or re-register) and be sure to select "Yes" when it asks if you are planning on using label printing or negotiated rates
  • Input your Access Key and login information in the new fields that appear.

  • When done, click the Next button, and you can then continue to configure UPS any further if need be.   
  • At this point, you should be ready to print labels.