First, you will need to retrieve the logos for the companies that you'd like to display on your site. Many payment gateways and merchant accounts will have these images readily available. A quick Google search can also return the images you need. Image files including JPG, GIF, and PNG are acceptable, as well as image urls.

 A Google search for "payments accepted logos" returned this image:


Depending on your preferences, you can display payment logos in the homepage sidebar, above the footer or at the bottom of the footer.

 To display payment logos on your site, follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your store's admin panel.
  • Hover over the Widgets tab and then click on Custom Widgets.
  • Choose 'horizontal' image widget, or you can click 'add new list' to create a new widget
  • On the next page, click the Add More button.
  • You will now be able to upload the image. If you are using code, then enter that code into the Text/Code box.
  • Select any other desired options for the widget and then click Save.
  • You will now need to enable the widget on the store front. Go to the Widgets tab and click on Sidebar Widgets.
  • Click on the drop down in the middle of the page and choose Custom Widgets.

  • Drag your widget to the Footer section, or the left or right sidebar, depending on which one you used, then Save.

Now, you should have the logo that you uploaded or code that you entered in widgets section. If you are knowledgeable with CSS, it is also possible to use CSS to place the image in various places in the store front. If you're not comfortable with CSS, contact our sales team and ask about a tweak package. Our designers would be able to insert the image into your design for you.