With most gateways, if you need to refund or credit an order, you will need to do that on your gateway's end. However, with a few of our gateway integrations, you do have the ability to credit orders from within the admin. This is currently only available for Authorize.net, PayPal Website Payments Pro, Card Connect and Chase Paymentech.

If you're using one of these gateways, here's how to use this feature:
  • Click on link in the upper right corner and click on Checkout Settings.
  • Click on the Order Details tab.
  • Make sure that "Allow Returns (RMA)" is set to "Yes."
  • Click Save.
  • Now when any orders are placed through the gateway, you should see a Credit button within each individual order, under the "Totals." You can use this Credit button to issue the refund.
  • Note: Any orders placed before this feature was turned on will NOT be refundable.
  • In order for an admin to issue a refund, a few conditions have to be met:
    • The order has to be in Approved or Shipped/Completed status.
    • Total credits issued for the order can't exceed the order total
    • You must be using Authorize.net (AIM), PayPal Website Payments Pro, or Chase Paymentech processors to issue a refund from within the admin.