1. On your web browser, paste: https://merchantaccount.quickbooks.com/j/sdkconnection?appid=APP_ID&sessionEnabled=falseDO NOT press Enter or click Go yet.
  2. From the link above, find the APP_ID and replace with your actual App ID (The CoreCommerce Universal APP_ID is 149096929 )
  3. Press Enter.
    Note: It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when accessing this website. If you experience issues while logging in using any browser, try a different browser first with the same link.
  4. Log in with your payments account information.
  5. If you get to the Companies page, click the payments account for the company you would like to use.
  6. You may arrive at a page asking if you would like to have Secure Login, for this option you need to select No. If you select Yes you will have to sign in everytime you process and most Webstore Interfaces do not allow this feature.
  7. You will arrive at a Congratulations! page. This page displays your Connection Ticket. Take note of this information for future reference.
Note: Once you have copied down the connection ticket,https://merchantaccount.quickbooks.com/j/sdkconnection?appid=APP_ID&sessionEnabled=false sign out of this page. This ensures the connection ticket is activated. This connection ticket will be added to your shopping cart to allow payments processing. Each shopping cart provider is unique so be sure to reach to them for any additional information.

Important: Make sure to logout of the Merchant Account website after you generated the connection ticket, as the connection tickets won’t become active until you hit “Logout” on the page where they are generated. This often causes confusion when the merchant is still logged into the “create a connection ticket” website and is attempting to process from their shopping cart. The connection ticket won’t be active yet, and the payment will get an error.