AbandonAid recovers lost revenue for your site by re-engaging abandoned shoppers in real-time via email. It's super easy to use, integrates seamlessly with CoreCommerce, and gives you all the tools you need to convert abandoned carts into sales—guaranteed! Signing up is free and requires no credit card. In fact, your first $500 in recovered sales are free!
Setting up the integration with AbandonAid is quick and easy, just follow these steps below:
  • First, sign up for a free account with AbandonAid. Be sure to select CoreCommerce as your shopping cart provider.
  • Once you're finished registering, click the Get Code tab
  • Click the Copy Code button
  • Now you'll need to log in to your CoreCommerce admin area
  • Go to Settings    > Plug-in Apps >AbandonAid
  • Make sure AbandonAid is enabled, then paste the code into the Tracking Code box
  • Click the Save button, and you're all set!
Note: If you are having trouble with the AbandonAid tracking code being pulled through, you will need to make sure that the ##FOOTER_CONTENT## token is in both your footer.html and secure.footer.html files. This token is in our default templates, but if you have a customized design, it may have been removed.
Inside the AbandonAid control panel, you will be able to create your own customized emails under the Configure Emails tab. Though an email template is provided, you can edit it and create your own, and make each abandoned cart email unique. You will be able to set a timeframe for when each email is sent out, and advanced settings like Dynamic Product Display, Basket Segmentation, and A/B Testing are also available. Please contact AbandonAid support for assistance with customizing your email templates.
You will be able to track your abandoned carts and recovered sales in the AbandonAid control panel under the Report tab.
  • When manually adding AbandonAid code to header, you must add the custom AA code below the HEAD token (##HEAD_V3##, ##HEAD_V2##, ##HEAD##, etc.) and before the closing tag in the header files (header and secure header).
  • Once the code has been added go to Settings    > Plug-in Apps > AbandonAid, remove the AA code from the "Tracking Code" box.