The email templates library contains all of the various emails that are sent from your store throughout the course of normal correspondence with your customers. These include order confirmations, shipping notices, receipts, and the like. These templates are fully customizable. To customize the default email templates for your online store:

Log in to the admin panel of your online store.

  • Click on Design (left-hand menu) and when the menu appears, go to Edit Emails.
  • You'll see a list of all of the email templates used in the store.  The emails are listed in alphabetical order.
  • To change one of the templates, click on 'Manage'  to the right of the email you want to edit (for this example, we'll use the "Contact Us" email).
  • In the next page, you'll see two lines 'Original' and 'Default'.  If you only see the Default line, that just means that particular template can't be edited yet.  We'll cover what to do in that case later on.  In the meantime, click on the 'Edit' link (pencil icon) on the 'Original' line.

  • The next page shows the template for the email.  It uses the WYSIWYG editor so you can put in whatever you like and the store will generate the code automatically.   The first thing you should see is the 'Name' field.  Enter a name for the new template you are creating.
  • The next part is the body of the email, this is where you can customize how the email looks and what it says.  You may notice text that looks like this '##NAME_LANG##'.  This is called a token and is used by the system to fill in information to be put in the email.  In this case, ##NAME_LANG## is the token for what language the name should show in.  In the case of my example store, it would be English.  You can use these tokens in your own custom email (To see what tokens can be used, click on the 'Display Available Tokens' link above the Name box).
  • Make the changes you would like and if you want to see what the email will look like, you can click on the 'Preview Email' button at the bottom of the screen.  That will send a copy of the email to the email address shown in the box.  If everything looks good, click on the Save button to save your changes.
  • If an email template doesn't show an 'Original' line, only a Default line, you can create a copy of the default template.  To do this, click on the Copy link.
  • When the copy page comes up, it will look the same as what was mentioned in step 6.  The only difference is that the Name field will be empty.  Enter the name for the copy and then make any changes you would.  Click on Save to save the new template.