Tiered Discount Coupon

CoreCommerce has created a new type of promotional coupon you can offer to your customers, providing them an incentive to buy larger ticket items and receive a discount on accessories purchased. 

  • The feature allows you to give customers a percentage discount on products, given specific items are in their cart. You can specify the quantity of items required for your customer to receive a discount. 

  • The total discount has the option to be capped, as an example, not surpassing 20%.

  • You can configure the new coupon type to auto apply during checkout (i.e. the customer does not have to enter a code to get the discount). 

  • If the customer’s cart has the proper requirements, then the promotion or auto coupon will apply itself.

  • For example, you can set up this coupon to give up to 20% on all Accessories if you buy anywhere from 1-4 large ticket items.


Setting up the Tiered Discount Coupon

  • Go to MarketingView Coupons → Buy a Product, Get a Product Discount
  • Enter the quantities you want in the two quantity fields.
  • Choosing the specific products you want to enable the promotion. 
  • These are the items that will allow for the discount to happen, not the items that get the discount.

    • Next, select the discount you want to be given on accessories, multiplied by the quantity of primary products that are in the cart.
      • Example: If you set the range to Buy 1-4 of the primary high ticket items, and a consumer selects any combination of those products, they will receive the tiered discount.
      • Example: If the discount is 5% per accessory product, buy 2 of A and 1 of B, the total quantity in the cart is 3. So the discount on the accessories is 3 * 5% or 15% off all the accessories in the cart.
    • Last, you would choose the category(s) that GET the discount if it is applicable.
    • In this case, you are choosing a category of items, not specific products. 
      • For example, if you have a category called Accessories, the discount would affect ANY product in your cart that happens to be in the “Accessories” category:

    • You select the products that GIVE the discount, and what the tiered range is (i.e. 1-4). Then you select the discount percentage multiplier (i.e. 5%) and finally you give the system the list of categories (all the products in those categories) that GET the discount.
    • Finally, for this specific coupon type only, you can choose to have this coupon AUTO Applied to the customer’s cart. All this means is that the customer can get this discount without having to enter a coupon code.


    • Each time your cart is modified in any way, CoreCommerce will check to see if your cart qualifies for any coupon that uses this type, and is set to auto apply. 

    • If the cart qualifies, the discount will be auto calculated and applied to the cart inside the “Discount” line item and the prices of the items that GET the discount will be auto adjusted.

    • If a customer updates their cart, the total will adjust automatically to change the discount, if applicable