To configure Multiple Shipping Options:  

Go to Settings  Shipping Settings→ Setup Shipping Zones 


  • Click edit  'Multiple Shipping Options' Configure

  • On the left-menu you can enable any number of Real Time Shipping Carriers we are integrated with. 
    • You need to click on the shipping carrier you would like to integrate with and fill out the credentials you would receive from the Real-time shipping carrier. 
  • If you would like to use flat rate shipping. (This will allow you to enter your own custom shipping rates).
  • Using Multi Shipping Options will allow you to also use both real time shipping and flat rate shipping at the same time.

  • Under Calculation Type click on Add new method (You will see a drop down appear.)

  • You can repeat this by clicking the add new method button to add as many shipping options as needed.
  • When done, click Save and Stay Here, Save and Exit, or Save and Continue to proceed through the wizard.