CoreCommerce comes standard with a basic Affiliate Program that allows your affiliates to promote your store and earn commission on sales they refer. 

For example, You may have an affiliate set up with 10% commission earned on orders placed using the affiliate's link. If a $100 order is placed the affiliate would earn $10 in commission. You can define each of these paramenters with the affiliate program settings. 

To begin utilizing the affiliate program, follow these steps:


  • Go to MarketingAffiliatesAffiliate Settings
  • Ensure the Affiliate Program Feature is turned ON
  • Set a Default Commission rate. You will be able to give each affiliate their own % based rate when setting up their accounts. 
  • Choose how you want to give customers to give the affiliate credit:
    • Entering a specific URL - Typically an affiliate will tie this URL to a graphic they place on their site.
    • Entering an affiliate code during checkout - When you create an affiliate, you can assign them a code, which the customer will need to input during checkout.
    • Choosing an affiliate's name from a drop down during checkout - You can choose to make this required, so that a customer has to select an affiliate before they can submit the order.
    • Entering a specific URL or code during checkout - The customer can either use the affiliate URL OR input the affiliate code during checkout.
    • Entering a specific url, or choosing an affiliate's name from a drop down during checkout - The customer can either use the affiliate URL OR choose the affiliate name from a drop down during checkout.
    • When done, click Save. 

  • Each affiliate is given a unique username and password to manage their account and see how much they've earned.
  • Go to your affiliate login URL. It should look something like ../affiliate.php?m=affiliate_login (e.g.  or 
  • Your affiliates can enter their username and password to log in or they can create an account by clicking the Create New Account button. This will allow affiliates to sign themselves without you having to re-type their info on their behalf. 

  • At this time you cannot pay your affiliates through the CoreCommerce admin. 

  • You would need to use another method to pay them, such as a Check or Money Order. 
  • We do have an Affiliate Payout Report, however, so you can see how much you owe your affiliates, can choose how much you want to pay them, and then record the check number (or transaction ID) you used to pay them. 

  • When you choose how much you want to pay them and save the page, it will reduce the balance owed. You can find this report under the Reports tab. 

  • There is also an Affiliate Sales Report and an Affiliate Payout History Report.