Filter Attributes let you create your own filters that the customers can use to sort products in the store. The attributes will show on the storefront in the product list (a.k.a. category page), along with the "Sort By" drop-down. Attributes will only show in the product list if they are tied to any of the products in that list. 

Enable and Set Up Filter Attributes

  • Go to SettingsInventory Settings Filter Attributes feature 

  • Click Edit Filter Attributes   Add Filter Attribute 
    • You'll first need to give the attribute a name, such as Color. Then you can enter in the options for that attribute, such as Red, Blue, and Green. Then click Save 
    • If you want to add another attribute, click the Back to List button and you can start the process over again for your next attribute.  

Adding the Filter Attribute to a Product 

  • Go to InventoryView or Manage Products → Gear Filter Attributes.
  • From here you will then be able to 'type in and click' or browse for the attribute name.