What is FTP - File Transfer Protocol?

  • This is NOT SFTP. This is using FTP with an SSL/TLS connection.
  • Any new version of Filezilla will work
  • All research indicates that Frontpage does not support an SSL/TLS connection at this time.
  • Dreamweaver's newest version does support FTP over SSL/TLS.

note: Examples below are sample login credentials. Your credentials will vary.

To obtain your FTP credentials:

  • In your CoreCommerce admin go to Settings FTP
  • Click 'Show/Reset' to obtain or reset your current FTP password.
  • Click 'OK' when prompted.

  • Your password will then display accordingly.

If using FileZilla (Windows and Mac) - RECOMMENDED

  • Go to File > Site Manager
  • On the left side of the screen, click on the FTP account you want to edit.
  • On the right side, change the Encryption to Require explicit FTP over TLS and click OK.
  • Also ensure that your Protocol is FTP and the Logon Type is set to Normal.
  • Port number: 21 or 990 (If using Implicit Encryption)
  • Test your connection and when you see the Unknown certificate screen, check the Always trust this certificate in future sessions.

If using Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional (Windows and Mac)

  • Find the site you want to edit from the list of connections, highlight it and click Edit.
  • Click the Advanced option on the left.
  • Under the Server Type, choose the FTP/SSL (AUTH SSL) option and click OK.
  • Port number: 21 or 990 (If using Implicit Encryption)
  • Test your connection and when you see the "Non-Trusted Certificate" popup window, choose Trust this certificate and click OK.

If Using WinSCP (Windows Only)

  • File Prootol: FTP
  • Encryption: TLS/SSL Explicit encryption
  • Port number: 21 or 990 (If using Implicit Encryption)
  • Host name: (ex: aws1.corecommerce.com)
  • Be sure in the host, username, and password section you have no extra spaces.

(Depending on your windows 'theme' the UI may differ slightly, though the settings will remain the same.)