This article will provide you with the details needed to implement CoreCommerce emails using clients such as: 

  • Desktop
    • Gmail (to setup in Gmail Click Here!)
      note: you will need to retrieve a verification email from another accessible pop/email client first. (ie. Thunderbird, Outlook, etc..)
    • Thunderbird (to setup in Thunderbird Click Here!)
    • Outlook (to setup in Outlook Click Here!)
    • Any POP/SMTP capable email client.
  • Mobile: Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, or any POP/SMTP email clients.
  • POP/SMTP does not include filtering and as such we do recommend a service such as Gsuite (Google Apps) - Click here!

Setup Emails

  • Email Credentials are located in Settings→  Email
  • Examples: Email, Username, Password, Pop/SMTP, Usage

note: if your email account does become full email we will need to delete them for you.

  • Incoming port to 995 and set the SSL to SSL/TLS 
  • Incoming path (ex:
  • Outgoing port to 587 or 465 and set the SSL to STARTTLS or SSL/TLS
  • Outgoing path (ex: