To give all products within a specific category a discount, you will need to edit the category and input a value into the Site Wide Category Discount field.

Setting Up Site Wide Discounts

  • Go to Inventory View  Manage Categories
  • Click on the category name you want to apply the sale to.
  • You will see a field called Site Wide Category Discount
  • Here you will input the discount percentage, which will be deducted off of all products tied to this category.
  • The discount is shown after the item has been added to cart in the Discount line.

There are three options for handling discounts for products that belong to multiple categories that grant side wide discounts. 

  • These options can be found under Settings Inventory Settings Category tab.
  • Use largest discount 
    • If one category grants 10% and the other 25%, then the 25% discount will be applied.
  • Add the discounts together 
    • For example, 15% from one category + 10% from another = 25% off the product.
  • Use compounding logic
    • Discounts will be applied in descending order. If a 20% discount and a 10% discount were to be applied to $100, a discount of 20% would be granted to $100 resulting in the total of $80. Then a 10% discount would be granted to $80 resulting in the final total of $72.