You can offer a gift registry with your CoreCommerce store.  Your customers will be able to create an event and then tie products to that event.  Other customers would then be able to see the list they made and purchase items from it.

Enabling/Editing a Gift Registry (In the Admin)

  • Go to MarketingGift Registry
  • Make sure you enable the registry by choosing the ON option.
  • To view, edit, or delete a registry in the admin, go to Marketing Gift Registry.

Accessing Gift Registry (As a Customer)

The customer will be able to create the registry and add items to it by logging into their account and click "My Registry Options" on the My Account page.

You can add the Registry Signup and Search links to your footer under Site Content > Footer Widget Settings

There are three URLs for the registry, which you can find under Site Content > Shopping Cart URLs. Here is what they will look like: