CoreCommerce allows you to create polls, which you can add to your site in the form of a widget.

Create a Poll

  • Go to Settings Widget Settings   Polls  Manage Polls  Add Poll
    • Under the Question field type in the poll question (e.g. "Is my site easy to use?")
    • Click the Answers section on the left
    • Click the Add Answer link
    • Type the Answer (e.g. Yes, Maybe, No, etc).  Repeat for each answer you want.
    • When done, click Save.
  • Once your poll is created you can create (multiple polls)
    • Click the drop down on the poll list page and click on Poll Widget Settings
      • You can choose whether you want your polls to be random or manual.  
        • If you choose random, then each customer will receive a random poll.  
        • If you choose manual, you will see an active column on the poll list page. The poll that is active will be the one displayed to your customers.
  • You also must have the widget added to your left or right widgets
    • To add this, Go to Design Sidebar Widgets
    • In the category drop down, select Input Widgets
    • Drag the Poll Widget to your left or right sidebar 
    • When done, click Save.

      note: Once a customer votes, they will not be able to vote again. The system tracks the user's IP address and will only allow one vote per IP address.
  • To view results, on the poll list page when you put your mouse over a row you will see a gear. Put your mouse over it and click Reports.