Why use Vend?

Vend integrates directly with the shopping cart, gateway, and POS, as an all-in-one solution, allowing you to sell more, and make more!

How do I sign up for Vend?

You can sign up through our partner page, or by emailing corecommerce@vendhq.com

How do I set up Vend inside my CoreCommerce Account?

Once you have created your Vend Account, navigate to Settings -> Plugin Apps in your CoreCommerce admin panel. At the bottom of the page, click configure next to Vend. From here you can input your API token provided by Vend to begin using the integration within your account.

What are Vend Webhooks and what do they do?

Vend Webhooks will allow you to dynamically pass order data to and from your shopping cart to the vend platform. For a detailed overview of of Vend webhooks please view the following documentation.

Where do I set up the CoreCommerce Webhooks in Vend?

In Vend, the webhooks are automatically created once you plugin your Vend Credentials into CoreCommerce.

To confirm they are added properly, you can do the following:

  1. Login to your Vend Account, and when you click Home, you should be on a URL similar to https://yourvendname.vendhq.com/dashboards/

  2. Then, manually change the URL to https://yourvendname.vendhq.com/setup/webhooks (there is no way to get to this URL inside the Vend Admin)

On this screen, you will see a way to view/add webhooks like this:

There should be 4 webhooks as shown above that are already created.

  • sale.update

  • product.update

  • customer.update

  • Inventory.update

If these 4 webhooks are there, then they were properly created by CoreCommerce when setting up Vend.