1. log in to your PCIComplianceManager Account

2. Click 'Start Business Profile

3. Choose  'Select this option if it's your first time to go through this process, OR if you completed this process more than 12 months ago"

4. How do you accept Payment Cards? Choose 'eCommerce store'

5. Your e-Commerce payment acceptance - Choose 'Yes'

6. You outsourced e-Commerce provider - Enter 'CoreCommerce' and choose 'Yes' for 'is your outsourced e-commerce service provider PCI/DSS compliant.

7. Your e-Commerce payment processing -Choose 'Yes'

8. Your company policy for information security - choose 'I already have an Information Security Policy in place that covers ALL of the relevant clauses of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)'

9. In the 'Complete Security Assessment' section click Manage

10. Complete Security Assessment - Click 'Answer Now'

11. Click 'Confirm your compliance

12. Click 'Confirm Your Attestation' and you're all done!