If you run a service that requires you to have your customers pay on the spot, creating an HPP pay link will allow you to quickly process a payment on the go!

1. Login to your CoreGateway Account, on the left navigation select 'Hosted Payments Page'

2. Click 'Add'

3. You will then need to the following: 

  • add a name (This can be anything from Customer or company name), 
  • Add a description (optional)
  • Add a page name at the end of the URL (required)
  • redirect (not required)
  • Type (standard - will allow the customer to enter how much they pay, recurring will be a subscription billing style payment, and fixed amount will allow you to define the amount the customer will pay)
  • Card Processor or ACH ( Choose the value in the Credit Card processor field, unless you have ACH enabled on your account and would like the customer to make an ACH payment)

4. Once you save. You will be taken to a page where you can make further edits. Such as uploading a logo, or adding your address. Drag any of the elements from the top of the page into the form if you would like to upload a logo or other information. Once done, click activate, and the save at the bottom of the screen.

5. On the left navigation go back to 'Hosted Payments Page', you should now see a line item with your new link. Click on Get links to copy the link to pass to the end user.