At times, you may wish to limit the shipping options available for certain products, this includes per shipping zones. (e.g. I only want to shipping FedEx in Canada, and UPS in the United States)   

note: This is very useful when combined with Multi Shipping Options: Click Here to learn about setting up multi shipping options.


Restrict Shipping Settings

  • Go to Settings → Shipping Settings
  • Check Restrict Shipping Methods by Product checkbox.


  • Click the Configure button
  • Here select how you want to handle the situation in where you could have 2 or more products with unique shipping methods.
  • When done, click Save

Setting up shipping restrictions via the Admin

  • Go to InventoryView or Manage ProductsSettings → EditGeneral InfoShipping Info
  • Make sure Restrict Shipping For This Product To Certain Methods is set to ON.   
  • Turn on the shipping methods you wish to offer for this product.   
  • When done, click Save

note: If you click the Configure button and decide that you do not want to use this you will need to make sure that the setting is unchecked because clicking the configure button automatically checks that box and saves it. So make sure that it is not checked if you do not want to use it.   

Setting up shipping restrictions via Import / Export (CSV)

  • Go to Inventory View or Manage ProductsImport ProductsImport Product Shipping Restrictions    
  • If you already have Shipping Restriction enabled:
    • Go to Inventory View or Manage ProductsExport Products → Shipping Restrictions Export
  • The Per Product Shipping Import is located in Settings  Inventory  Import Products section.  You can use it to import your shipping costs when you are using shipping "By Product" in the shipping settings.
  • Product Sku and Product Name - These are used to identify the item to assign the shipping costs to that item. You can use one or the the other, or both together. If you use them both together, make sure they match or you may not get your rates updated.
  • Shipping Zone ID - This can be found in the Settings  Shipping SettingsSetup Shipping Zones  section. Each shipping zone will have its own unique ID.

  • Shipping Option - When you enable and configure your shipping Per Product in the Shipping Settings, you can name up to 4 Shipping Options per zone. 
    • You can name them whatever you like in the Shipping Settings, but they must match exactly on your CSV file when you import.
  • Price (Per Qty) - This will be the price to ship the particular item, in the particular zone, using the particular Shipping Option.
  • Not Applicable - This value is a Y or an N in the CSV. This indicates whether or not that line applies to the product or not. 
    • If Not Applicable is set to Y this means that "Yes, this option is not applicable. 
    • If it's set to N "Not Applicable? this is applicable and will be used for this item."


note: In order for the Shipping restrictions import / export feature to show you must have shipping restriction enabled and you cannot be using the ShipWire integration.