Important Message regarding Google search and site security

* Action is highly recommended for you to enhance security and your site rankings.  

Google has made changes to its search functionality. To be found in searches on google, websites that are secure (https) vs those whom are not secure (http) have a higher probability of being found. For example, Chrome has implemented some warning symbols on its browser for websites that are not 100% secure (https everywhere). Previously, most of our clients just have the checkout page secured, account pages, and various other sensitive areas secured. 

note: You can use https everywhere if you are using our shared SSL (ex:

There are three (4) possible categories in which your site may fall

  • If you have your own custom domain but use our shared SSL 

    • You cannot enable https everywhere with this method as it requires a dedicated SSL
  • If you use your own domain name but use the CoreCommerce shared SSL, then you will be prompted to purchase a SSL. 

    • This is recommended, but not required. 

    • Need to Install/Purchase an SSL Click Here!

  • If you use our CoreCommerce shared SSL and do not have a custom domain name for your store, just click the button and you will be switched to a totally secure site

  • You have a custom domain and a dedicated SSL 

    • Your merchant SSL will be secure once you hit the button we have created in your admin.

If you are not using a dedicated SSL, your admin URL name will change.

Consumers who click on your old URL will be redirected to your new secure URL. 

Enabling HTTPS Everywhere

  • Go to Settings  Store Settings  pci/security settings
    • If the following button is not shown, the store already supports https Everywhere.
  • Once the button is clicked, you will see a confirmation page with details on how to complete the update to your store.

note: You will need to update custom URLs/links such as in your content body, images linked to outside sites, or any hard-coded links you have placed.

ex: Putting an image in the description section of a Site Content Pages page and linking it to another site.


Additional online references are available from google to review:

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact