If you do a search for your store or your store's products on Google, you may notice the canonical URLs are showing the temporary URL (e.g. storename.corecommerce.com).  The reason for this is when you add a domain name to your store and change the store URL to use that domain, the canonical URLs are not updated automatically.  You need to manually update those URLs to use the new domain name for your store.  You can either put in the new URL using the domain for each product and category or you can simply delete the URL and the system will recreate it automatically using the new store URL.

There are two ways to update the canonical URLs:

  • Manually update each product in the Search Engine Tags tab when editing a product, page, or category.
  • Import a CSV file to update each product or category. (This excludes content pages.)

Option 1:

  • InventoryView or Manage Products → Settings→ Edit → General Info  Search Engine Tags.
  • Erase the Canonical URL from the field entirely > Save.. This will have the system regenerate the URL for you.
  • Continue this process for all other products.

Option 2.

  • InventoryView or Manage ProductsExport ProductsStandard Export). In the file clear out the data in the Canonical URL column, but be sure to leave the "Canonical URL" heading.
  • InventoryView or Manage ProductsImport ProductsProduct Import)
  • Be sure to select 'update' NOT 'insert/update'.
  • When you import the file, the system will regenerate all of the canonical URLs for you.