We have teamed up with GoDaddy (SecureServer) to provide you with one of the best SSL offers available. 

Certificate Can be purchased thru our affiliate link

Please keep in mind that this installation fee will be applied every time your SSL is renewed.
You will need to set up a NEW secureserver account to purchase your SSL via our affiliate link. 


  • Click on Username (Account)Services→ Secure Certificate

(if this does not display, you will first need to add a domain.)    

  • You will need to fill out the form below on this page.
  • This will generate a support ticket shortly after the form has been submitted.
  • You will see something like SSL Certificate Transfer (#xxxxxx-xxxxxx) in your open tickets under Username (Account)My TicketsSSL Certificate Transfer
  • A support tech will respond back to the ticket with the CSR key, which you must input at your SSL Host (Godaddy - SecureServer) when setting up your SSL. 

If you purchase the SSL from GoDaddy (Secure Server) via the installation form follow below:  
(Please note that the SSL setup is done through the CoreCommerce SSL site, and not through GoDaddy or your CoreCommerce admin)
You will need to set up a NEW secureserver account to purchase your SSL via our affiliate link. 

After you have purchased the SSL, (Recommended SSL Type: Standard or EV SSL)

  • SSL & Security > My SSL Certificates > Set up or Manage
  • If setting up the SSL for the first time you will need to upload a verification file via your store's FTP - Click here for instructions.  
  • Once verified click the 'check for updates' button. Shortly after you will see Download | Rekey & Manage | HIstory
  • Click the Rekey & Manage > Re-key certificate
  • Paste in the CSR that you received from CoreCommerce
  • Save > Submit All Saved Changes
  • Shortly after Godaddy (Secure Server) will have verified and provide you with the Download
  • Click Download > Server type: Apache
  • A zip file will download to your computer.
  • Attach this file to the ticket from which you copied the CSR from in your Corecommerce admin.

Typically the certificate will be installed within 1-3 business days. 
(Keep in mind an incorrect CSR key can delay the installation of your SSL) 

(You may be presented with multiple Apache choices. Some possibilities include but are not limited to:
 "Apache + OpenSSL" [or just "Open"], "Apache + MOD SSL" [or just "MOD"], "Apache + Raven" [or just "Raven"], "Apache + SSLeay" [or just "SSLeavy"], "Apache 2", "Apache + ApacheSSL" [or just "ApacheSSL"]. If this happens, keep in mind that CoreCommerce uses Apache + OpenSSL so you should select the "Apache + OpenSSL" or just "Open" option.)

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