We have teamed up with GoDaddy (SecureServer) to provide you with one of the best SSL offers available.


  • Please keep in mind that this installation fee will be applied every time your SSL is renewed and re-installed to your store's server.
  • A NEW secureserver.net account is required to purchase your SSL via our affiliate link if you do not already have an SSL provider.
  • Typically the certificate will be installed within 1-3 business days.
  • Keep in mind an incorrect CSR key can delay the installation of your SSL 
  • The SSL itself is set up in Secure Server and NOT through CoreCommerce. 
  • The installation of the SSL is through CoreCommerce.


After you have purchased the SSL, (Recommended SSL Type: Standard SSL)

  • Account (upper right-hand corner)My Products My SSL Certificates Set up or Manage
  • If setting up the SSL for the first time you will need to upload a verification file via your store's FTP - Click here for instructions.  
  • Once verified, click check for updates. Shortly after you will see Download | Rekey & Manage | HIstory
  • Click the Rekey & Manage  Re-key certificate
  • Paste in the CSR that you received from CoreCommerce

note: To obtain a CSR Key see: SSL Installation form (New SSL or SSL Renewal)

  • Save > Submit All Saved Changes
  • Shortly after Godaddy (Secure Server) will have verified and provide you with the Download
  • You may be presented with multiple Apache choices. Some possibilities include but are not limited to:
    • "Apache + OpenSSL" [or just "Open"]
    • "Apache + MOD SSL" [or just "MOD"]
    • "Apache + Raven" [or just "Raven"]
    • "Apache + SSLeay" [or just "SSLeavy"]
    •  "Apache 2"
    •  "Apache + ApacheSSL" [or just "ApacheSSL"]
  •  If this happens, select either Apache + OpenSSL or "Open"
  • Click Download  Server type: Apache
  • A zip file will download to your computer.
  • Attach this file to the ticket (ex: SSL Certificate Transfer (#xxxxxx-xxxxxx)) from which you copied the CSR Key from.

  • Click on Username (Account)Services Secure Certificate

(if this does not display, you will first need to add a domain. Click Here!

  • You MUST fill out the form below on this page to receive a CSR Key.
  • This will generate a support ticket shortly after the form has been submitted which will contain your CSR Key.
  • You will see something like SSL Certificate Transfer (#xxxxxx-xxxxxx) in your open tickets.
  • Go to Username (Account)My TicketsSSL Certificate Transfer
  • A support tech will respond back to the ticket with the CSR key, which you must input at your SSL Host (ex: SecureServer)

Example CSR Key


note: Our Support team can handle the installation of your SSL. To do so you must do the following:

  • Purchase the SSL
  • Purchase the Installation Form
  • Provide your SSL Host login such as your SecureServer credentials to support@corecommerce.com


Is your website showing as insecure? Click here